Download the MPRemote Server Installer from this page and execute it. The Installer will take the rest.

Start the App

Start the MP Remote app on your iPhone and press on the little wheel that will open the settings


After selecting your MediaPortal Host it is registered for WOL and the address is known. Now Just click on connect!

Use the Remote

Now control MediaPortal right with your fingertips. Use the controls to navigate through MediaPortal by Gestures.

Media Portal Remote S

Universal Remote Control for your Media Center PC running MediaPortal

Compatible with all major MediaPortal versions (1.2 , 1.3, 1.4 ) 1.6 Stable and 1.7 Beta. The app has beautifully Design and advanced functionality and is optimized for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 supporting full retina graphics.
Key Features:

  • Remote Control for all MediaPortal plugins.
  • Navigate with Gestures on a virtual TouchPad
  • Supports MediaPortal Versions 1.2 + 1.3 + 1.4
  • Wake On LAN functionality to wake up your PC
  • Easy to setup. The remote finds the MediaCenter PC in your local network.
  • Full support for iPhone Retina displays - especially iPhone 5 4Inch Screen
  • Shutdown / Restart / Hibernate etc. your PC from your Couch
  • Navigate and see on your iPhone screen whats playing in MediaPortal

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MP Remote Screenshots

Take a look at our app before you purchase. Its beautifully designed and coded to be intuitive to use. We have spent many hours to give you full controll over MediaPortal with just one finger tip and all major functions are available with one finger press.

The MP Remote Server

please download and install before using the apps

The MediaPortal Remote Server is the base using our app.t is a lightweight plugin that integrates in MediaPortal by installation of our downloadable plugin. You can continue using MediaPortal as you are used to. You won't even notice that the Server Plugin is there - working for you in the background.Before you start using our Remote, make sure to download and install the server plugin. The installation will be short and straightforward and after that you are ready to go.

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