Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you find our FAQ. The hottest questions to get our app running quick. Before you contact us, please read this FAQ and try to solve the problems. If the FAQ didn’t help you feel free to write us. We will then extend the FAQ with your questions if we have the feeling that it could also help others.

Make sure that the plugin has correctly installed on your MediaPortal installation. By default - you find the plugin in the installation of your MediaPortal --> c:\Programs\Team MediaPortal\plugins\process plugins as it is a process plugin. If you can't find it there search your system for "MPRemote Server.dll". When you've found it - copy it into the process plugins folder mentioned before and restart MediaPortal. Its still not runninng - the plugin seems to be disabled! Are you sure you run a supported version of MediaPortal? Supported versions for the plugin are 1.2.x / 1.3 and 1.4
Just download the MediaPortal installer file from our website and run the installation. MediaPortal will do the rest for you..
Download our App from the Apple AppStore. Once installed you need to install the server plugin on MediaPortal before you start. Download it directly from our site or add it using the MediaPortal Plugin Installer page. Once you have installed it, it should be auto enabled in the list of your installed plugins.
We have disclaimed on classical navigtion buttons to the advance of a touchable area where you can navigate by gestures. You can find the area in the remote on top of the screen. Its the grey area. Swipe left/right/up/down to navigate. Press once to select an item. Double tap brings you back to the previous screen.
The functonality of the buttons depends on the currently selected context in your MediaPortal. For example if you have selected an title in your music collection the info and context button will show you detail information to the selected or currently playing title.
Make sure your installed network card is properly configured for WOL. Look in the manual of your network card manufacturer.
Once you selected a host in the available host list - its MAC address is stored for Wake On LAN. Next time you enter the specific IP address a WOL message is sent to the PC. When its in hibernate, standby or off mode it will wake up and boot your system after you press on connect.
1. Make sure the plugin is activated and running. Open the MediaPortal configuration and open the "Plugins" section. You should see an enabled "MPRemote Server" plugin activated. If its not the case - follow our INSTALLATION FAQ 2. Make sure your iPhone and the MediaCenter PC are in the same network and that you have enabled MediaPortal to accept incoming connections in the Windows Firewall settings.
Use the available hosts list in our app to determine the app address of your MediaCenter. If you want to find out all IP addresses you MediaCenter PC handles open the windows console or PowerShell and enter "ipconfig". Press Return and you will get a list of known IP addresses.
Make sure you have enabled the Windows Firewall settings to accept incoming connections. If done so - restart the App (close it by killing it in the open tasks on your iPhone) and even restart your MediaPortal installation. The instance should appear now.